My original song "Change the world" (2009) with Wah Qui Neh


I made this song for the people who are struggling for their lives.

I just wanted to cheer them up with a fact that we are the keys to change.

We can be a change anytime we want to be so.

This is Ancient Japanese song/prayer called "Awa No Uta" for the world creation.


In Japanese Ancient Shinto myth, 

God Izanagi & Goddess Izanami has created Japanese land by singing this Awa No Uta,

when Japan went through the difficult time.


There are 46 letters/sounds in this song Awa No Uta.


God Izanagi sang 23 letters/sounds, half of this song, from left to right,

and meanwhile Goddess Izanami sang 23 differnt letters/sounds, another half of this song, from right to left.


In Ancient Japanese point of view, everything has the spirit within,

these letters/sounds also has seen in that manner, each letter/sound is a spirit.

So there is a word Kotodama (Word Spirit) in Japanese.


God Izanagi & Goddess Izanami used Kotodama (Word Spirit) to create Japan.


This song's MP3 download (FREE):

This song has a little story about my experience.


One ordinary day, there was nothing special but just an ordinary day,

I saw my friend's eyes.


And I saw his god in his eyes.

After that experience I looked around, I found everything is filled with love, Godness.

Then this song came to my heart.