LIFE ACTIVATION is the sacred tool from ancient, 

at least 3,500 years ago of the period of King Salomon.

This used to be a secret tool for the chosen people such as priests or priestesses.

In the pyramid they had used LIFE ACTIVATION for uplifting their power as a divine being.


However, in 1997, this became open to the public to activate their DNA,

and to awake each one's sleeping potentials or innate power.


This is the 1 hour session including several energetic adjustments and clearings

in the different energetic system of your body beforehand,

and moves on to LIFE ACTIVATION which infuses you light, and last part is DNA reading.


You'll feel:





Re-energized your mind and body.

more connection to your true self

The renewal of your life.

Your inspiration and synchronicity are increased.


The package includes:

6 energetic adjustments and cleansings

Life Activation

DNA Reading (if time allows)



YEN15,000.- / 60 min. with Spagyric (details below)



You can take this session repeatedly,

but it is needed at least 3 weeks in between the Life Activation session.



a high vibrational homeopathic water to clear out genetic debris

produced by alchemic procedure.