From more than 3000 years ago of the time of King Solomon,

this sacred tool has been used for activating human DNA.

It had used for only the chosen people such as preists and preistessess. 

It has steadily protected its original form.


In 1997, by the order of the Hierarchy of Light "No More Secret",

this sacred tool became available for everyone.

Life Activation activates your etheric DNA, thus your physical DNA also activates,

and it brings you spiritual awakening.


In this session,

there are several energetic adjustments and cleansings and clearings

for different energetic parts of your body before the Life Activation itself.

And the last part is Life Activation.


You'll receive the light from above directly into your etheric body.

It activates your 22 etheric DNA strands out of 24.



You'll feel:

Re-energized your mind and body.

Regained your true self.

The renewal of your life.

The synchronicity increased.

Your inspiration increasing.


You'll become:







In order to have a good effect,

we recommend you to have Life Activation session once a month regularly.



You need at least 3 weeks to have the next Life Activation session


The package includes:

6 energetic adjustments and cleansings

Life Activation

(if time allows, DNA Reading also available.)




YEN15,000.- / 60 min. with Spagyric (details below)


a high vibrational homeopathic water to clear out genetic debris

produced by alchemic procedure.