Amaterasu Omikami is the Japanese Sun Goddess of ancient,

who is one of the most popular among Japanese.

When you go to a shirine, you see her talisman always.

Sun Goddess Amaterasu is the origin of the royal lineage of Japan.


The healer of this healing salon; Miyuki Sugihara has the channeling contract with Amaterasu.

This channeling session brings you the energy and message of Amaterasu.

You will feel healed, realized, and receive the words you need at the time.


Amaterasu is the master of enjoying life as a sun like a child.

She (Sun) always brings you light, warmth, brightness.


For those who:

Want to remember your inner strength

Want to love yourself

Want to live your life fully

Want to light up your desire



Yen 15,000.- / approx. 60 min.

What is Channeling?

Channeling (or channelling) is the special technique/art to literally channel the higher spiritual being

and bring down the energy, the words, the messages/oracles to the client.

It helps your spiritual progress, growth, realization etc...

It often releases the negative emotions and/or energy affect you.

In the traditions or societies of tribes, there are spiritual mediums, or mystics or shamans.

They have a special connections to a certain spiritual fields and they are one of channeling ways,
but here, the channeling means to channel the higher spiritual being only,
like the ascended masters or the masters of light, or some hold the contract with angels.

It is said that each one of us has the channeling contract.

Modern Mystery School in Japan provides the Angelic Channeling School of one-year program,

which you can seek and find your channeling contract in safest way.

Because the method has been continuously tested for thousands of years. 
Thus this school is the best to connect the invisible higher spiritual being and to become a professional channeler.
The graduates are the high-quality channelers who can properly bring down the energy of higher spiritual being of their contracts.


The channeler Miyuki has the contract with Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu,

and graduated from the Angelic Channeling School of Modern Mystery School in 2009,

and offers the Amaterasu Channeling session to the clients since then.