What is REIKI?

REIKI is the Universal life force energy that is all around us and part of us. Practitioners allow this energy mainly to flow out of their hands into themselves or others. This awakens one's natural healing ability we all possess and it often produces extraordinary results. Anyone can do this as we learn how to use and flow out REIKI in the course. REIKI is one of the popular energy treatment/session all over the world.


In the 1920s, Japanese founder, Usui sensei devised a simple way to clear the connection to this ability within us, and his method has been passed down through courses or seminars for more than 80 years. During the course, you will learn special techniques and skills, and a certain channel to connect the REIKI (Universal life force energy) will be opened, and you will use the energy for yourself and others.




YEN4,000.- / 60 minutes



Remote ENSOFIC REIKI session is available.

You can receive REIKI anywhere you are.


For those who:

want to receive REIKI session at home

live in the distance or outside of Japan




YEN4,000.- / 60 minutes



When you reserve, pls give the below info:

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*Date of your birth

*Your address (Country)

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