There is new type of people on the planet with new energy and a new way of being.

These people are said to have an Indigo blue colored soul and they are therefore called “Indigos”. About 80% of those who were born after 1975 are identified this way and in the last 10 years every child born has been apart of this new energy. The first mention of these matters in modern times was in a speech held over 100 years ago by the amazing thinker Rudolph Steiner. 


The coming of the Indigos is also mentioned in some ancient text and they are described as having similar qualities as those who have come from a planet called Kolob. The Kolob

energy is one that transforms and changes things to a better way, a way that does not rely on logic or a stale mindset but rather is unifying in the use of the brain energy, both left (logic) and right (creative) brain energy is used. This brings more love and joy to the life of the individuals that live that way.


The Indigos will create a non-confrontational revolution in our society, where people will

chose different ways of expressing them selves in more peaceful, loving ways. This society is called after the legend from the Himalayas called Shamballah with this infamous city of Shangri-La where no one grew old nor was in pain nor knew disease. Health and Spiritual fulfillment were optimal and everyone lived for the purpose of having Joy in their lives. In Shangri-La people took universal responsibility very seriously and society was their work where they made sure that no one individual would be left out nor ignored.


Due to the mission of Indigos, they have a totally different purpose, characteristics,

perception, thoughts and action patterns. As the name of the color of Indigo blue

represents Love, they think and act according to the criteria of Love. Love is the unifier of

all things, with Love ruling society we would not chose war or allow famine or the horrors

of human society today. We would unify to find solutions to our problems and together

create a better world under the banner of Love.


The Indigos are free from any kind of social values, concepts, common sense and custom

that create legal slavery and eliminate the possibility of Joy. They see through the true

essence of things, Love, and their focus is 100% on this energy. Dogma is the place they

begin their revolution of change and today we can see how they have created a new system of thinking, one that excludes dogmas of both religion and politics. They see through lies and falsehood in the society immediately and take action against such practices. This has already revolutionized modern human relationships as we are seeing healthier and more empowered couples arise then ever on this planet. Couplehood is now something very exclusive and pure and is coming from a true expression of love, not social duty or obligation.


They are responsive to pure Love and loyal to their true feelings, they are not good at using diplomacy. They always looks for straight and honest communication from the heart. They will refuse being controlled or forced to do something they are not convinced of. But if they can connect with other people through the heart, they can understand the energy of each other immediately and can have a communication beyond language.


If they can understand things based on Love, they are very honest and love to serve others. And they can always find Joy and enjoy things. 


They show incredible genius in a specific field and it is a big part of their purpose of life. They can have joy through finding the genius. They are very creative and it is the proof of their existence and Joy to express themselves.


It is very hard for Indigos to live in the society now. They often get confused with the system and words without love, titles, conventional way of thinking, old values, and common sense. They start to doubt their feelings and perception and suffer from not being understood. Some shut down their feelings to survive in the society, and those who can not do so even choose to end their life because they can not stand the pain.


It is very normal for them not to be able to fit into the society due to the qualities they have, and those things that are unique and are not accepted are truly what we need and a treasure for our society.


It is very important for the future society as well to understand Indigos. 


We can bring Shamballah to the earth by both generations understanding and respecting and accepting each other without any judgment, and also by sharing good things about each generation.


*This article is retrieved from the website of Shamballah Tribal Community which I was the member of:

http://www.shamballahjapan.com/en/about-indigos on January 5, 2012. (Website has been already closed.)