Certificated HEALER of Modern Mystery School

Certificated GUIDE of Modern Mystery School

MAX Meditation System TM certified instructor

Certified Chido instructor 



Jikiden Reiki Practitioner

Humanitarian Activist (GPOP)

Musician (Classical guitar, Stone Whistle, Djembe etc...)
Singer-song writer
Free Hug activist
Translator (Japanese/English)

I'm Miyuki in Japan, working as a spiritual healer & guide for more than 10 years.

Since I was a junior high school student, I had looked for the thing which I could engage into humanitarian,

or world peace activities. Because, ongoing conflict, war, discrimination, hunger... all those facts shook my heart with sorrow.

In spite of looking for, there was nothing to click to my heart.

So after I graduated from university, I started to work at a company, just as many do in Japan.

1-2 years had past, I found emptiness in my heart all the time, even though no problem on the job,

or many friends and people were around, or had many good fun gatherings in holidays.

And there was a life changing event occurred to me. I got a surgery twice,

and I had a space to think back and of my life by myself.

And then I started to play a classical guitar because singing and playing music

has been my dream since I was a child. It is a big key to me still, but that was not enough to fulfill my heart.


Some coincidences had happened, and I found Empower Thyself Program and took that.
I found this was the one I had been looking for, and started the spiritual learnings and trainings

in Modern Mystery School, and here, a spiritual healer and guide is the spot that I am standing.

I have a passion to make a heavenly world called Shamballah on earth.
Shamballah is the same concept as the Garden of Eden, Heaven, Amatsukuni...

And, to make a heavenly world on earth, each one of us is literally and truly the key.

More than half of us is invisible and spiritual, so we need to gain our spirituality back into our life,

to see the whole picture of oneself, to use our key for the better life, better world.


Let me help you to remember.

Let me help you to activate your innate possibility.


All the services that I do are from Modern Mystery School,
which offers advanced spiritual studies and trainings, and its aim is world peace.