Certificated HEALER of Modern Mystery School

Certificated GUIDE of Modern Mystery School

MAX Meditation System TM certified instructor

Certified Chido instructor 



Jikiden Reiki Practitioner

Humanitarian Activist (GPOP)

Musician (Stone Whistle called iwabue, Djembe etc...)
Singer-song writer
Free Hug activist
Translator (Japanese/English)

I'm Miyuki works as a spiritual healer & guide for 10 years.

I have been in the metaphysical study and on the advanced spiritual training in Modern Mystery School for 10 years.

The true metaphysical knowledge had been only for the chosen people, but it has opened up for everyone who want since 1997.


Modern Mystery School has the secret knowledge and teaches us for our spiritual awakening, awakening ourselves. 


With conviction, I offer and provide you the healing sessions and spiritual programs of MMS to you, 

and it is great honor to serve you.