Certificated HEALER of Modern Mystery School

Certificated GUIDE of Modern Mystery School

MAX Meditation System TM certified instructor



Jikiden Reiki Practitioner

Humanitarian Activist (GPOP)

Musician (Stone Whistle called iwabue, Djembe etc...)
Singer-song writer
Free Hug activist
Translator (Japanese/English)

Hi there!

I'm Miyuki works as a spiritual healer for 9 years, and also studying metaphysics for 9 years.

Spiritual awakening and metaphysical studies are now available for everyone

who wants to apply the wisdom in their lives.

From my experiences and studies, I would like to share them to the people in need.

I am very lucky that I encountered the Modern Mystery School which has the true lineage of King Solomon, which means you can learn true esoteric knowledge of the ancient and universe. 


Hope to see you soon and have many spiritual experiences in here! 


And let's do some music, meditation, free hugs together in some times, which I really love :)