Welcome to the spiritual healing salon CELESTIALBRIDE


Here provides:

 *Spiritual healing sessions

*Metaphysical studies

*Meditation (MAX Meditation System TM)

*Chi kung (Chido)

...and more!


*Paypal payment acceptable*


CHECK the SCHEDULE of meditations/workshops on Meetup!


THE No.1 & 1st SESSION!!! Activating Your Innate power!!!




LIFE ACTIVATION is the best way to activate your innate power. You will feel that life is much easier than before!

The session consists of several parts which cleanse  & activate
 your energetic structures and infuse LIGHT directly into your etheric body.



Have you dreamed about world peace?
It starts in you, from you.




Let's get back your power and potential to connect to your spirit, and to know the right knowledge so that you can create your own life what you want.


Let's re-connect to the energy of galactic & spiritual by EMPOWER THYSELF PROGRAM and take back your power and responsibility to your life! 

Group Chi Gong & Meditation for refresh and relax!!!


First part:

We do stretching and one of the Chi Gong technique called Chido

for relaxing and warm-up your body.

Chi-do is unique but simple Chi Gong technique which adaptable

from beginners to advanced, so that your Chi flows more

and your body becomes warmer and softer.


Second part:

We do meditation together. Our meditation method is MAX Meditation System TM,

which brings down and the energy of universe and heaven,

and re-energize you so much.


Many participants feels:

  *decreasing stress

  *making good decisions

  *bringing you mindfulness

  *inner peace

  *mind calmness

  *good relationship and many after this group meditation!




 Check the schedule from HERE in meetup in English!


[PLACE] Chuo-ku, Chiba-City, CHIBA Japan  

                *I will send you the access detail after reservation.


[CHARGE]  Yen1,000.-


[RESEVATION/CONCACT] via Email: celestialbride@gmail.com


*This will be held both in Japanese and in English.

*There is no bringings, no clothing specified.


  Looking forward to seeing you and let's have a relaxed and wonderful time together! 


The Flow of the Path


1. LIFE ACTIVATION infuses light in you and activates your etheric 22 DNA strands out of 24. You can awake your potentials and innate power.


2. EMPOWER THYSELF program brings you the new foundation of life, along with universal power and your spirituality. you'll receive 10 times light than before.


3. HEALER ACADEMY 1 pre-requiste classes for further understanding.


4. HEALER ACADEMY 1 brings you the tool to serve people with light. You'll receive 10 times light than adept.


and goes on!


ADAMKADOMON 1 activates last 2 DNA strands which are not activated by LIFE ACTIVATION. You can activate all of your DNA strands here! This brings you more light!


KING SALOMON HEALING MODALITY is a set of 10 different healing sessions. Each healing session deals with a specific energetic field and you will feel much lighter and brighter after you finish all of the sessions. It accelerate your transformation to be a Adamkadomon.


You can take healing and reading sessions in between anytime you want! Each healing session has each purpose and deals with a different energetic field for empowerment. Feel free to contact me about any question. 

Tarot Reading Session for free monitoring now.


Because I'm looking for the monitors, you can get a free Tarot Reading session now!


This tarot reading is called True Tarot Reading or, Ra Tarot reading.

It is said that we can find the tarot origin in Ancient Egypt. 

Receiving the light of ancient Egyptian Sun God RA, and we will read your question

through the tarot. With a specific question such about love, job, relationship etc, tarot cards advice you clearly with timeline (past, present, future within 3-6 months) and some more aspects. The reading will 100% positively direct us to the goal of your question.

Enjoy ;) 


Time: 30-60 min.

* In person only



Please send us a email for RSVP:

Contact: celestialbride@gmail.com

Modern Mystery School Certified Guide & Healer 2018